Deep Root Fertilization Paradise Valley

Deep Root Fertilization in Paradise Valley

Deep Root Fertilization Paradise Valley

A property without trees looks barren. Trees and shrubs add so much to the landscape of homes and businesses, but they need care to thrive. Deep root fertilization offers dire nutrients to breathe the life back to your trees. Our ISA certified arborist offers precise tree fertilization delivered deeply into the ground, at root-level, where it can best be absorbed. We also offer customized compost teas designed to deal with specific concerns.

Many people use special soil meant to feed the trees when they are planted. This helps new trees transition and grow strong. The problem is that those minerals are eventually depleted and the natural debris that would fall to add nutrients to the soil are either raked away or fall onto rock or grass. Without a natural composting process, a tree misses out on the food it needs.

Call now and give your trees the nutrients they need. We proudly serve Paradise Valley and the surrounding areas.

What are the benefits of tree root fertilizer?

  • Reduce susceptibility to certain diseases
  • Reduce susceptibility to pests
  • Possibly reverse declining health
  • Improve growth
  • Improve the appearance of a trees

Customized Tree Fertilizer and Compost Teas

Different types of trees and shrubs need different things. There is no one-size-fits-all fertilizer. Our arborist makes an assessment of the condition and health of your individual trees. He customizes a fertilization plan to help each tree. The plan may include applying fertilizer tea to the soil’s surface and/or fertilizing deeper into the soil at the root level.

When fertilizing deeper roots, a root needle is used to inject liquid fertilizer into the soil. This needs to be done carefully by a professional in order to avoid tapping directly into the roots and damaging them. The specialized cocktail of fertilizer we use is hand-crafted and not available anywhere on the market.

We handle root feeding and tree care for commercial, municipal, and residential locations.

Call today with any questions or to schedule an appointment for an assessment of your trees.