Tree Arborist Paradise Valley

Tree Arborist Paradise Valley

Tree Arborist

Trees are a wonderful way to add to your home’s exterior. They are an investment in improved curb appeal as well as providing shady spaces and privacy. They are an investment that should be cared for by a trained individual. Tree Workers of Phoenix offers ISA certified arborists who offer specialized tree and shrub care to help your trees thrive.

For businesses or individual homeowners with citrus trees, we provide fertilizers that help your tree absorb up to 700% more water and nutrients for a better yield and improved fruit flavored. Our unique blend of fertilizers and compost teas increase microbial activity, helping the tree to thrive. Additionally, our detailed knowledge of trimming and pruning practices removes unhealthy and excess limbs so your trees flourish. We can assess diseased trees and let you know if they can be helped while also assisting with disease prevention in other trees.

A tree arborist has detailed knowledge of

  • Tree biology
  • Soil management
  • Water and nutrient metabolism
  • Development of specialized fertilizers
  • Fertilization best practices
  • Appropriate nutrient levels for specific types of tree
  • Caring for trees and shrubs throughout their life cycle
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Pruning best practices
  • Planting and caring for newly
  • Artistic thinning and shaping

ISA Certified Tree Arborist in Paradise Valley

As a locally-owned company, we stake our reputation on the work we do, one tree at a time. Not only do we have ISA certified arborists, we are also licensed and current on ongoing education. We have the appropriate equipment, like bucket trucks, to complete any size job, and an arborist is there to manage every project we undertake. Those are just a few of the ways we ensure quality tree service and excellent customer care.

Contact us today for a free consultation from a certified tree arborist in Paradise Valley or the surrounding cities.