Tree Fertilization Phoenix

Tree Fertilization Phoenix

Tree Fertilization

Trees are a wonderful investment for your property. They provide much needed shade and beautify your home or business. Without the proper care, the investment you have put into planting trees can diminish quickly. Trees require specific essential elements to grow and thrive. Without it, not only can they fail to thrive, they may eventually die. The professionals at Tree Workers of Phoenix have painstakingly developed unique blends of fertilizers to address the specific needs of specific trees. Call today for tree fertilization in Phoenix and the surrounding area.

The soil surrounding a tree’s roots is often deficient. Debris, such as fallen leaves, would normally decompose and become part of the nutrient-rich soil. Because most people need to rake and clean up after their trees, the natural progression of fertilization is disrupted. Our certified arborist has the expertise to assess the current health and needs of your trees. We customize fertilizers to provide your trees with what they are specifically lacking.

In addition to striking the right balance for a tree’s health, our arborist can also removed dead, dying, or diseased sections of a tree. This thinning helps the tree distribute the nutrients to the living parts while cutting away excess strain.

Customized Tree Fertilization in Phoenix

Each type of tree requires a different mix of nutrients to thrive. Our Phoenix tree experts measure everything from the level of PH to the nitrogen in the soil. Our customized fertilizers do more than just help a tree grow faster.

Tree Fertilization Phoenix AZ

The benefits of fertilization include

  • Reduce susceptibility to certain diseases
  • Reduce susceptibility to pests
  • Possibly reverse declining health
  • Improve growth
  • Improve the appearance of a trees


Call today to talk to us about the healthcare of your trees. A certified arborist is along on every project, ensuring everything we do is for the optimal health of your trees.

Tree Workers of Phoenix is the call to make to help your trees look amazing!