Tree Service Scottsdale

Tree Service Scottsdale

Tree Service

Run by a certified arborist, Tree Workers of Phoenix has tree service down to a precise science. We utilize deep root fertilization technology along with fertilizers that are specifically designed for specific types of trees, at each stage in their life cycle. There is a certified arborist along on every project, ensuring each tree gets the best service to achieve the customers’ goals, while helping the tree thrive. Those are just a few of the reasons we have had such a great reputation as a trusted tree service in Scottsdale for over a decade.

When you call us, we start by listening to your needs and desires for the trees on your property. From large commercial projects to a single backyard tree, we take on any tree service. We can thin out trees that are overgrown and taking over the landscaping, we can assist trees that have been unable to thrive, and we can remove trees that are dead or dying.. In many cases, we can even save sick trees, helping gently guide them back to health.

Some of the tree services we offer include

  • Pruning
  • Trimming and Thinning
  • Emergency Storm Tree Care
  • Shaping
  • Health Inspections
  • Tree Planting and Planning
  • Tree Removal
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Increased Fruit Yield and Taste
  • Artistic Thinning and Shaping
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Palm Tree Care
  • Tree Restoration
  • Tree Raising

Certified Tree Service in Scottsdale

Many landscapers offer tree trimming and pruning services without really being aware of the details of caring for specific trees. Too much trimming or not enough pruning can make the situation worse. Fruit trees, especially, require expertise to know the right amount of trimming and where to apply it. Our arborists have the detailed knowledge to improve fruit yields and even increase the flavor of the fruit. We can improve the view from a window by thinning out an overwhelming tree. We can also help raise trees that have been newly planted, assisting them in creating a strong root system to ensure they thrive.

Call today and let us know what you have in mind for your trees. All our suggestions and our estimates are open, and upfront. That is part of our commitment to excellent customer care.

Get your free consultation on tree service in Scottsdale and relax, knowing your trees are in the best of hands.